NFUI 8.0

Built from the Android platform, NFUI is the mobile operating system that we have customized specially for Neffos. Based on a deep understanding of human–machine interaction, a clean and simple design, superfast user experience and thoughtful functional enhancements, NFUI works for you as your smart personal assistant.


Easy to Use

AI Face Unlock

Powered by latest AI technology, it verifies your face by dynamically detecting 106 facial key points. Saving your unlock data in the TrustZone, the safety is guaranteed.


Unique Wi-Fi Functions
from TP-Link

  1. Share Wi-Fi by QR Code
  2. WLAN Extender

Share Wi-Fi by QR code,
connect to Wi-Fi in one tap.

Make your smartphone a network bridge to extend your Wi-Fi range.



Simple gesture control makes NFUI convenient and effective.

  • Double-click Awakening
  • APP Waking*
  • Three-Finger Slide Down Screenshot
    *Long Screenshot supported

* Up to 4 gestures can be set in APP Waking.


Fast Experience

Launch apps Faster

With a systemetical boot acceleration optimization, once an app launches, the octa-core CPU accelerates simultaneously. NFUI 8.0 runs 78% faster than previous NFUI 2.0.




Application startup time

Before optimization

The optimized

Fluent Experience

The CPU opimization ensures steadiness and fluidity in your everyday use.

Game Optimization

Identify application type, intelligent memory resource allocation allows the game to run more smoothly, reaching game FPS 60.

* In general, gaming FPS 30 is deemed as smooth.

Document System Optimization

Utilizing F2FS document system, Random Write has been increased to 3 to 4 times faster, and a quicker storage without lags.


Simplified Design

A Perfect Combination of Sensibility and Rationality

Rational Logic

Less lines and more white space provide the cleanest layout. The location and design of icons provide instinctive use.

A variety of dynamic effects and real-time reaction give you total control.


New Theme

Impressionistic theme design with all-round beautification. Using high transparency and eye-friendly color,
keep it pure and simple.


Optimized transparency and eye-friendly color offer longer viewing.

Loop Lock Screen Wallpapers

Add your favorite images to wallpapers. They will loop randomly when screen is
locked due to the time period you set.