NFUI 7.0

Built from the Android platform, NFUI is the mobile operating system that we have customized specially for Neffos. Based on a deep understanding of human–machine interaction, a clean and simple design, superfast user experience and thoughtful functional enhancements, NFUI works for you as your smart personal assistant.


Simplified Design

A Perfect Combination of Sensibility and Rationality

Rational Logic

Less lines and more white space provide the cleanest layout.
The location and design of icons provide instinctive use.

A variety of dynamic effects and real-time reaction give you total control.


New Theme

Single-theme aesthetic is consistent through every page.
Considerable improvements on icon details make them light and agile.


Optimized transparency and eye-friendly color offer longer viewing.


Fast Experience

Faster App Launching

With a systematical boot acceleration optimization, once an app launches, the CPU accelerates simultaneously. NFUI 7.0 runs 78% faster than its previous version.




Application startup time

Before optimization

The optimized

Fluent Experience

CPU optimization ensures steadiness and fluidity for everyday use.

Game Optimization

By identifying application type, intelligent memory resource allocation allows games to run more smoothly, reaching 60fps.*

* In general, gaming FPS 30 is deemed as smooth.

Document System Optimization

Utilizing F2FS document system, Random Write has been increased up to 4x faster, with a quicker lag-free storage.


Off-screen Cleanup

NFUI clears up background apps three minutes after the screen is off, except any you set in a white list. This reduces power consumption and offers a smoother user experience without affecting normal use.


Easy to Use

Unique Wi-Fi Functions
from TP-Link

Share Wi-Fi by QR Code WLAN Extender

Share Wi-Fi by QR code,
connect to Wi-Fi in one tap.

WLAN Extender



Simple gesture control makes NFUI convenient and effective.

  • Double-Click Waking
  • APP Waking *
  • Three-Finger Slide Down Screenshot

* Up to 4 gestures can be set in APP Waking.

Float Call Notification

Stay focused on your more important tasks by blocking any interruptions.

Battery Optimization

App battery usage will be limited wherever possible for maximum overall efficiency.


Double Power Saving Modes

Choose Smart Power Saving and Ultra Power Saving to conserve power
in any situation.

Smart Power Saving Ultra Power Saving

Normal Mode

Double Power Saving Modes

With Double Power Saving Modes, battery life increases by 171%. *

* Data from Neffos C7. Based on results from TP-Link lab tests. Battery life depends on actual usage situation.

Battery 20%-5%: Smart Power Saving Battery 5%-0%: Ultra Power Saving

Pocket Mode

Smart Screen: When the smartphone is in your pocket, the screen won’t light up when receiving notifications, lowering power consumption.

Palm Rejection: Avoids accidental operation due to squeezing or sliding in your pocket.


Eye Protection Mode

Decreases the blue spectrum of light on the screen to reduce eyestrain.

Split Screen

Enables multitasking whenever you need it. Stream a live game and chat with your friend at the same time.

Screen off Snapshot

Double press the volume down button to take a photo when the screen is off.

  • Data Saver
    Prevents some apps from sending or receiving data in the background.
  • APP Lock
    With just a tap, ensure your total privacy.
  • Smart Lock
    Using a Smart Engine, your device will be locked automatically when detects that it’s not with you.
  • Image Stabilization
    An advanced algorithm selects the clearest photo from Burst Images.
  • Night Automatic Update
    Get the most up-to-date smartphone every day.
  • Weather Alert
    Get reminded of bad weather to prepare accordingly.
  • Note Reminder
    Alerts you with to-do reminders at your preset time.
  • Bluetooth Transfer
    Share files quickly between Neffos smartphones.