Enjoy Better Signal Wherever You Go with the New Neffos C9s and C9 Max

Oct18, 2019

Neffos, the sub-brand of world’s leading Wi-Fi network devices TP-Link today has launched its line of better signal smartphones – the Neffos C9s and C9 Max.

Neffos is a sub-brand of TP-Link, which has been recognized as the world's leading brand for home Wi-Fi devices for the past eight years. With more than two decades of history, TP-Link has distribution channels and retail partners in over 170 countries and regions. Its products are enjoyed by hundreds of millions of users across the world.

Often people are left wondering why sometimes their phone lacks the signal strength whenever they are at certain locations, be it at their home, at a mall, office building or any other place. Most times it is because of the building structure, but it is also about the way the phone is being held. With technology inherited from TP-Link, the C9s and C9 Max utilize the renowned Transmitting Antenna Switching (TAS) Technology, solving signal blocking issues caused by the way users grip their phone.

Now with TAS, users are able to hold their phone however they want without lowering signal strength. Users no longer need to reach for a higher gap or sit and stand nearby a window just so that they could get strong signal. The Neffos C9s and C9 Max deploy GSM Antenna Diversity Technology along with an optimized antenna design to ensure clear and stable calling quality.

Fashioned with a bigger display and smaller notch, the Neffos C9s and C9 Max both feature Dewdrop Display with screen ratio of 87% and 87.6% respectively. The C9s is equipped with 5.71” screen while the C9 Max has a larger 6.09” screen to match its size.  

Both phones feature a 13-megapixel back-facing camera enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI), capable of detecting faces and finding the best angles to shoot, with built-in Bokeh Effect as well Night Shot mode for low light photography. On the front end, the C9s and C9 Max use a 5-megapixel camera embedded right into the dewdrop notch making looking at the front screen and camera a smooth view.

There's also AI Beauty mode for better selfies. It uses deep learning and AI to identify and enhance a person's facial features. Enabling AI Scene Recognition allows the camera to detect different scenes and objects to automatically select the best settings for the best photos.

Use the Neffos C9s and C9 Max all day long, with a 3000mAh battery powering the two devices, stay connected longer. The performance and safety of the lithium-ion battery is guaranteed by the TÜV safety certification.

The Neffos C9s and C9 Max will be available in two distinctive colors, Nebula Black and Red.

The Neffos C9s and C9 Max will be available in stores in select markets soon.

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