TP-Link’s new NFUI 8.0 for Neffos smartphones focuses on ease of use, fast experience, simplified design

Jul26, 2018

TP-Link, the global leader in wireless-network products for the last seven years, just announced the new NFUI 8.0 user interface for its Neffos brand of smartphones. Established in 2015, Neffos aims to provide customers around the globe with reliable and affordable mobile devices.

NFUI 8.0 is exclusive to Neffos devices and has been built from the ground up using Google's Android 8.0 Oreo operating system as its base. Android is, by far, the most popular OS for smartphones, with over two billion users worldwide.

The latest NFUI version prioritizes the end-user experience, but does not compromise on either performance or functionality. Moreover, it focuses on three key areas: ease of use, speed, and simplicity — none of the bloatware or unnecessary apps that come preinstalled in other ROMs and only bog down the user experience.


Easier to use than ever


New to NFUI 8.0 is AI Face Unlock, which is borne out of the brand’s strong partnership with the world’s most valuable artificial-intelligence company, SenseTime.

The feature leverages on advanced algorithms to scan 106 facial points to help provide better security and allow the convenient unlocking of supported Neffos devices without using the fingerprint sensor. Neffos' facial-recognition technology works in different lighting conditions and is quick to unlock the device, firing it up in a fraction of a second.

NFUI 8.0 also touts unique Wi-Fi functions developed by TP-Link. This includes the ability to share a Wi-Fi connection via an auto-generated QR code that other devices can scan, for one-tap access minus the hassle of manually keying in a password.

For navigating the UI of Neffos smartphones with just swipes, NFUI 8.0 has added gesture navigation, which allows users to jump to the home screen or intuitively cycle through apps with the flick of a finger.

The new Notes Graffiti app, meanwhile, lets users draw sketches, create to-do lists, and jot down notes without downloading a third-party application. Expressing creativity in different ways has never been easier.

The all-improved camera app of NFUI 8.0 has been outfitted with a bevy of new features that are sure to take mobile picture-taking to higher standards — a result of Neffos’ close partnership with leading imaging-software company ArcSoft. The AI Beautify Mode leads to picture-perfect selfies with every push of the shutter key, as it accentuates facial features and smoothens skin.


Fast and reliable experience


Neffos has made NFUI even faster and more responsive, thanks to the many system-level optimizations introduced in the latest software update. NFUI 8.0 feels fluid and zippy, and the transition between menus are smooth.

Apps are also quick to launch as a result of software algorithms prioritizing apps running in the foreground and giving them unfettered access to all CPU cores and other system resources.

Additionally, NFUI 8.0 debuts Game Mode on Neffos smartphones. The much-anticipated feature lets mobile gamers experience games to their fullest, allowing them to run at an incredible 60 frames per second.


Simplified but polished user interface


For a cleaner and more contemporary aesthetic, NFUI 8.0 has been designed around eye-pleasing colors against plenty of white backgrounds. It adopts a new look for the home screen, notifications drawer, and settings menu, with less lines, pleasing transparency effects, and beautiful, descriptive icons.


Emerging to take over the mobile-phone industry


Neffos has been cost-effective in developing its smartphones and the proprietary software they run. On one hand, Neffos inherits the TP-Link DNA of creating exceptional products and prudent cost and operational management. On the other, Neffos has made every effort to improve the end-user experience by conducting research studies in user interaction, and through the continual development efforts by a team of dedicated software engineers.

Since its founding a few years ago, Neffos has been laser-focused on the value-for-money concept and will climb to the top of emerging markets by offering customers the perfect combination of high-quality, high-performance products at excellent prices.

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